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American Champion Aircraft Tour

Photos from the guided tour of the American Champion Aircraft (ACA) factory with owner, Jerry Melhhaff. The tour was arranged my KMYA mentor, Dave Gajafsky, who along with his wife, Joyce, were longtime employees of American Champion.
From their website, "American Champion Aircraft produces FAA certified light acrobatic and utility aircraft for pleasure, work, training, and true excitement" and the company began over 50 years ago.
Jerry Mehlhaff bought the company in 1991 with the mission "to preserve the long heritage of our aircraft while continuously improving and modernizing its design and technology. Our line of aircraft is still 100% FAA certified, and is still the most versatile and affordable two seat tandem tail-dragger in its class."
ACA produces most of their own parts on-site, provides restoration and repair services, and currently produces three airplane models: Citabria (Aerbatics spelled backwards - entry level normal and acrobatic flight); Denali Scout (back-country flight that features short take-off and landing); and the Decathlon (fully certified acrobatic airplane).

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