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Harsh Patel Scores 4th in Nation at Skills USA Aviation Maintenance Technology Competition 2023

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Congratulations Harsh! We are proud of you and wish you the very best as you continue to develop your aviation aptitude and skills - the skies the limit!

Harsh has shared an overview of the competition with us and a thank you to KMYA mentors for the solid aviation mentoring as follows:

"Two days ago I competed in the national skills usa conference in aviation maintenance technology. I had to do 12 tasks related to maintenance of aircraft. Including three practical tasks which were safety wiring, hose fabrication, and tube bending/flaring. There were other tasks like part identification, electrical failure diagnosis, and a lot on regulations. There was also a written test. After doing these events, I ranked 4th in the nation. Just shy of winning a national-level medal and over 1,000 dollars worth of prizes. I learned a lot from this competition and I think it's a great opportunity for kids in KMYA. . . . I learned a lot from this experience and got contacts that will help me when I go to college.

I just went on a sponsored trip to Atlanta. Just being here was fun. A lot of the skills that I used in this competition came from you. I wanted to thank you and the aviation club mentors for teaching me some of the baseline skills I used to get 4th.

I was up against kids who went to dedicated vocational schools where they spent 4 hours a day in a hangar working on airplanes. Somehow, I held my own against them. You guys played no small part in getting me here. I hope to see you in August!"

Thank you, Harsh Patel


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