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West Bend KMYA Build Site Update

Updated: Jan 15

Building a 2 seat aircraft with high school students is the Kettle Moraine Youth Aviation's version of a STEM activity. Many students yearn for an opportunity to work with their hands and apply principles from their high school classes to real life challenges. At the West Bend Airport, Kettle Moraine Youth Aviation has expanded its program to include build sessions for high school students on Sunday and Monday nights.

Students work with mentors to learn the principles of working with aluminum and other metals that are key to the structure and lightweight nature of the aircraft. They also learn about aircraft systems such as avionics, fuel, and flight control, and about the functions of the various parts as they're assembled.

To assist students, a dedicated training workspace has been added where first time attendees can learn how to assemble aircraft parts. Students work closely with KMYA mentors, many of whom have extensive experience in the aviation industry. This model of working closely with mentors affords students a way to learn about all facets of aviation. Mentors share their passion and knowledge of aviation while working with students to acquaint them with safe practices and efficient building methods.

Students also benefit from the program by learning about aviation careers, maintenance topics, and associated careers in aviation-related industries. Buildin knowledge, awareness, experience, and teamwork skills are equally important to building the airplane. The goal of KMYA is summed up in the mission statement for the organization, Building Airplanes and Building leaders. Openings are available to join the group at any time.

For more information, contact:

Howard Kaney


Larry Sullivan


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